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PS3 / PS4 PES 2016 Update - Available Now

I have had a few questions about the news that there will be no option file sharing available on the PS4 version of the game, if you go to the bottom of this page you will see this is not as bad news as it first seems :)

This year the update will work on the PS4 as well as the PS3, but please note it will be one update for the PS3 and another for the PS4.

Again the updates require a PC or a Mac to initially download the file then the data needs transferring to a USB stick. If downloading on a PC then this will run a program that will transfer the data to the USB stick. If downloading on to a Mac then you will need to copy and paste the data. I will be making a new video showing the process of transfering the data to the PS4.

I am hopeful of also having a file ready for the PS3 on release day, which should have the same as the PS4 file. However as this is the first year on dual formats there is a chance it might be very late on release day or the day after.

Below is a quick preview of the update in action on the PS4




Below is a list of what is included in the file. All future updates to this update are free of charge

Kits for the EPL - now includes 2016 - 2017 Kits

Kits for Championship

Kits for Bundesliga (teams and players are included on my PS3 update)

All international kits for PS3

Kits for European National Teams PS4

Kits for Some south American National Teams PS4

Kits for Seria B

All competition logos

All club emblems (including EPL / Championship & Bundesliga)

Manager Faces

The price of the update is £3.49 and this gets you both the PS3 and PS4 Update. The update on ebay will initially be £4.99 per update.


Option file sharing on PS4?

There is no option file sharing on the PS4, but you CAN import kits, emblems and managers faces. The issue is you have to assign each kit manually and you have to rename the clubs manually as well as you cannot share this data.

Upon purchase you should be redirected to the download page, if you are not then please let me know and I will send you the link.