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PS3 / PS4 PES 2017 Update - Pre Order

I again will be providing updated for PES 2017 on the PS3 and PS4

I am confident that I will have the PS4 option file out on or before release date. I am less confident about the PS3 version as it does take longer to assign build the kits but I hope I will have a version of some sorts ready by release date.

The initial update file will not be fully completed and more will be added to the file each week and of course all updates are free of charge

Changes to PES 2017 editing on PS4

Unlike last year it is going to be possible to fully share option files on the PS4. However at present I do not know how this is going to work I dont think it will work like the PS3 version but I am guessing there will be an import menu within the game. What this means is that all the team names can be edited and shared. This also makes it possible to create the Bundesliga and share it, so this means no more renaming all the clubs manually it will already be done for you.

There are still some unknowns, the main one being the kit limit, the kit limit was tiny in PES 2016 for the PS4 so hopefully it will have been increased. Obviously with it being possible to edit the team name and player data myself and then being able to share the file on the PS4 it will take longer then last year to put together but I am confident of having it ready before or on the day of release.

Konami have also confirmed that there is no region lock on the PS4 version so the UK version willl work on a US game. One thing I have not been able to get confirmation about is if there will be different game codes for the PSN version and Disc version like there is on the PS3. As there is no region lock I am guesing this will not be the case but until I know more I just dont know. I am going to be working on the update from the US PSN version as it comes out a few days earlier then the UK.

Below is a list of what will be in the final file. All future updates to this update are free of charge

Kits for the EPL

Correct Team Names

Correct competition names

Kits for Championship

Kits for Bundesliga

All international kits for

Kits for European National Teams

Kits for Some south American National Teams

Kits for Seria B

All competition logos

All club emblems (including EPL / Championship & Bundesliga)

Manager Faces

The price of the update is £3.99 for email and £8.99 on USB to the UK which includes postage costs. If you want it on USB and live outside the UK please contact me and I will arrange a price for you. and this gets you both the PS3 and PS4 Update. This price is only valid up until the day before release. Afte release it will be slightly more expensive. I do this as it makes it much easier for me to send the links prior to relase and then I can just answer questions and not have to email the updates out to everyone individually.

For the USB stick option you can always send the USB stick back to me with return postage if you want future updates on the USB stick which I do not charge for.

Email Delivery £3.99
USB Delivery £8.99


Upon purchase you should be redirected to the download page, if you are not then please let me know and I will send you the link.